The Faulkner Review

Overall, this is a genuinely innovative and original piece of work that also manages to be accessible and commercial. It blended and balances elements of dance and rock, as well as human and synthetic very successfully, and every single track has a strong sonic identity which isn’t easy to achieve with instrumental music. With some very intriguing ideas for performing this live also, I think Haddock will become known as a pioneer in the electronica scene and look forward to hearing a whole album.

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Sleeping Bag Studios

An excellent debut from HADDOCK here…definitely songs that have real rhythm & groove and sound authentically made by someone with real love for the genre; you can hear the creativity and the innovation through the assembly and production. I’d say mission accomplished here on HADDOCK’s rEVOLVED EP – I’m definitely interested in hearing anything else that would come my way from this enthusiastic and energetic electro-wizard.

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